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 New Event – Arctic Climate Game Jam!

    April 21 – 30, 2017

What is a Climate Game Jam?

Teams gather to rapidly design game prototypes (online, pervasive, tabletop, or other formats) that make learning about climate change more fun, engaging, and accessible to a range of audiences.

Arctic Climate Game Jam! April 21 – 30, 2017

Join us for a new game jam that challenges students, educators, scientists, and game designers to develop games that help people learn about the impacts of and solutions to climate change in the Arctic. The event is open to participants throughout the US, Canada, other Arctic-rim nations, and anyone else interested in the region! Teams will develop digital or analog games that utilize scientific data, local observations, and Indigenous Knowledge to help people better understand the local and global impacts of a rapidly changing Arctic and what we can do to address these challenges. Register your site at!

Video:  What is a Climate Game Jam?

Learn about game formats for games and specific information about Twine prototypes and Scratch in the Hack-a-Game category for the Climate Game Jam. Speakers: Kevin Miklasz, Alex Fleming, Matthew Farber   View the archive

The polar regions are early warning signs of climate change and are facing more rapid changes that in other areas of Earth. Join this discussion of the dramatic changes at the poles. Speaker: Stephanie Pfirman. View the Archive

Learn about sea level rise and public domain climate information from NOAA and other federal science agencies. Find out how to access libraries of images and visualizations that are free to use in game design. Speakers: Bruce Moravchik and Peg Steffen.  View the Archive


Leveraging Arctic Science for STEM Education and Citizen Empowerment 

The Arctic Climate Game Jam was inspired by the 2016 Arctic Science Ministerial meeting. The gathering brought together Science Ministers from 24 countries to discuss Arctic research themes and develop international science collaborations. A key theme of the meeting focused on using Arctic science as a vehicle for STEM education and citizen empowerment. By promoting learning and engagement through game design, we hope to promote innovative approaches to education during an Arctic STEM Summit that will be held during the Finnish Chairmanship of the Arctic Council (2017-2019).